What is the ideal house for newlyweds?

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Getting married is undoubtedly a great step because from this moment couples decide to live together and start sharing great moments in their lives. This, consequently, leads them to start forming a family with the arrival of children that will bring even more happiness to the couple.

From this step, the following question arises, what is the ideal house for newlyweds ? since there are elements to take into consideration before deciding to make a purchase of that magnitude. That is why the couple must carefully decide where and how they are going to pay the estate that suits them best.

Do not detach yourself from this article, because we will tell you the aspects to take into account to find the ideal house for newlyweds. But in addition, we will also let you know which are the most effective options to be able to make the corresponding payment since there are quite effective options.

What to consider before making the decision


How we tell you, before deciding on a house, both should think carefully about what they want and what they need in matters of daily life and not only at the moment because it must be remembered that although they are now newlyweds there are many more factors that they must take into account.

Here’s what is most important to consider:

1. Analyze the couple’s finances


First, the couple must first consider whether they are going to be able to afford the cost of acquiring an estate, since sometimes they have to make periodic payments. So they must bear in mind that for a time they will have a discount on their salaries until the full amount is covered.

Therefore, first, you have to analyze whether the charges can be fully covered, because if you decide to go for the house and do not comply with the commitment, there may be legal consequences linked to the credit bureau.

2.- Will the family grow?


Another thing to take into account when choosing an ideal house for newlyweds is to be clear if later on you plan to have a family in which three or more members arrive since that implies that more space will be needed for each one.

For example, if you plan to have three children, perhaps acquiring a small apartment is not the best option. Do not let yourself go just because of the costs.

We know that it is a bit hasty to think about that, but in the long run it will be more beneficial so that in the following years, the living room of the house will not assume the role of another room for your family.

3.- Do not stay with the first option


Sometimes we are amazed at a first option in the market because many houses can have a modeling that is really impressive; however, this may cause other options that might be better to be neglected. They may even be more suitable homes for your financial situation.

It is for this reason that it is preferable to first explore all the options, once this is done, you have to write down which ones were the best and talk as a couple. Everything to find the alternative that best suits your needs as a family and budget.

How to make the purchase of the patrimony?

Now that you know the factors to consider before making the decision, we will tell you the methods by which you can acquire the ideal house for newlyweds.

1.- Save


When the decision to buy is made, it is time to gradually raise the money for the acquisition that you are envisioning for your married life. Something that could help is to have bank accounts for savings, so that within a couple of years you will have enough capital.

This process can be even better, if you both have a stable job, this will lead you to be able to accumulate more money in less time.

2.- Contract a mortgage loan


A fairly quick way to acquire an ideal house for newlyweds is through a mortgage loan , as there are financial entities that can adapt to your needs. In addition, the payment facilities today are very accessible.

An example is ION Financiera, here we can lend you up to 10 million pesos, for a term of up to 20 years and with a down payment of 10%. In addition, for you to verify your income, you do not need complex methods, as we have non-traditional forms of income verification that will surely adapt to yours.

This decision can be very effective in the long run, as over time the house will increase in price due to the capital gain. Also, if they are fed up with the rents they can consider the charges as an investment.

3.- Sell your single property


If it is already a fact that you want a house, the best thing would be to sell your apartment, in case you have one, because once you acquire the new patrimony, having it empty will not be of much use. In the same way, that money can be used to cover the down payment.

There are always simple ways to sell, from making a publication online or just approaching a specialized sales agency, which will help you with this work and in return will keep a percentage approved by you.

It is time to live in marriage!


Now that you have reviewed all our tips to acquire the ideal house for newlyweds, do not hesitate and decide to acquire an estate with your partner. Keep in mind that it is not only for the benefit of both, but for more people who will later join your home.

Remember that at ION Financiera we can help you with that big step, because we are going to guide you to acquire a personalized mortgage loan. So you can make periodic payments without your economy being affected at any time.

Contact us and we will solve all your doubts without any problem. It is time to head to a new life in the company of your loved ones.

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