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Residential housing: 10 characteristics that will make you want one

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residential home is a construction either as a house or apartment, which aims to create an environment of functionality and security, through a luxurious, modern and practical architectural design to enjoy with the family.

This type of design, according to EcuRed, considers various aspects within its construction, for example, it is safe, it takes into account the ideal areas for building, it is practical and, above all, this type of residential housing usually meets the needs of almost all tastes.

The price range of a home of this type depends on the area of ​​the country where you would like to buy it, but it is generally expensive. Data from the most recent CONAVI report, from Inmobiliare magazine, indicate that in CDMX the average price is $ 10,000,000 and, in the rest of the country, it is $ 8,000,000.

What are these types of homes like?

According to research carried out by INFONAVIT and UNAM, residential homes are characterized in the real estate world by 10 elements that we will mention below.

1. Wide grounds.


Having this type of recreation area allows the functionality of those who inhabit the house.

According to information from Canadevi (National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry), the measures of a residential home range from 180 to 225 square meters.

As you can see, the acquisition of this type of home allows you to expand your family objectives for choosing a property that suits your spatial needs.

2. Better distributed spaces


Residential homes adapt to your specific provisions not only in terms of the interior of the home but also in terms of the distribution of outdoor spaces.

As we mentioned above, these seek to adapt to the comforts of the interested party. Each family has very different needs, which is why it is essential to get a space made for you, so that you can make your home the home you need.

3. Gardens


Contact with nature is essential for this type of space because it enables interaction with our environment.

Let’s think for a moment about the advantages of green areas for your home. Without a doubt, gardens provide a cool environment, since they regulate the temperature and make your space more visually pleasing.

In addition to the fact that you will not have to worry about spaces for your pets if you have them or the recreational areas in which your children can play.

4. Exclusive rooms for each member of your family


Forget about sharing spaces! residential-type homes allow each member to have a personalized space.

Personalized spaces in your home encourage creativity and undoubtedly allow you to enjoy your individuality. Due to the number of members of a family, it is a priority to think of a space for each of the members.

5. Everyday experience


Another benefit that residential housing offers is the creation of a community, from an everyday environment, which allows you to bond with your home and the rest of the people who live around you.

Buying a residential type house allows dynamism in the use of the public and private environment. This social and family strengthening enables the well-being of the environment in its complexity.

6. Socio-spatial complexity


A residential home not only involves an aesthetically pleasing design, but the functionality, related to the architectural design, enables greater social-family relationships. This is called “proximal space.”

In this way, the complexity of residential housing is in the success of this union of interests, both individual and social.

7. The main function is “living there”


When an individual acquires his own space, he is talking about “inhabiting a set”, that is, the subject who acquired the property is appropriating that space, resignifying it as his and his family.

As it is a space suitable to your interests, tastes and needs, you will enjoy being there.

8. Innovative


It uses design as the main source of the idea of ​​functionality. In other words, by personalizing the space with a modern and optimal design, it makes it possible to meet the specifications of each member of the family. For example, if the father of the family is an architect, a specialized study can be designed for his profession.

The same can happen with other members of the family. Each element that is designed and built, in a residential home, is thought to be functional for the members and not just for its pleasant aesthetic work.

9. It belongs to an urban complex


This type of residential housing makes it possible to develop potentially habitable areas.

These homes belong to housing complexes so privacy is essential. This allows forging social bonds and, above all, a safe environment.

Although most of these housing complexes have excellent accessibility, security is paramount for the comfort of your family.

10. You can acquire it through a mortgage loan


Access to these homes can be done through the acquisition of mortgage loans, which will make your goal of getting home much easier.

The advantage of acquiring a residential home through a mortgage loan is that you can adjust it according to your income and the term in which you plan to pay off the financing.

This will allow you to get your own assets and your investment will be safe.

Why are residential homes more in demand?

This type of residence is designed to be resistant to use and its materials have potential durability, that is, they are more reliable and safe than a shopping center!

In residential housing, there are two aspects to consider: the physical dimension understood as the housing equipment and services, and the social dimension, as the capacity for social relations not only in the home environment but also in the environment.

How to acquire a residential home through a mortgage loan?


ION Financiera has a great offer in terms of mortgage loans because the income verification for these is flexible.

Mortgage loans are the most viable option to carry out the acquisition of residential homes. Because through them you can get the financing you need to meet the objective of growing your wealth.

At ION Financiera we can help you pursue this goal since we have loans of up to 10 million pesos that you can pay off in up to 20 years.

If you have sufficient income and you are determined to take the step, we invite you to pre-qualify to find out the credit scenario that best suits your needs and possibilities.

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