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Reasons why buying a mixed-use property will be the best option for your future

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If you are considering buying an apartment, you should take into account that it has an excellent location to carry out all your activities.

In that sense, mixed properties can be an excellent option. You want a house or apartment not far from the office, with shopping malls, hospitals, gyms, and convenience stores in the vicinity.

If all these services are a few blocks away, it would be much better.

It is a common mistake to get carried away by the price of a home and not look at these details.

Sometimes it happens that a property has a very low price, but basic services such as the supermarket and hospitals are more than 10 kilometers away.

This distance is covered quickly by car, but what if one day you run out of a car and an emergency arises.

Wouldn’t it be difficult to go all this way in a matter of minutes?

Also, if we add the fact that the price of gasoline is increasing, it would be best to save every liter.

For all these reasons, when you start the project of buying a house, it is best to look for a property that has everything at hand.

The best house or apartment will be one that is located a few blocks from shopping centers, hospitals and, specifically, from work.

Have you ever imagined that in a single building you could have all these services?

Today you no longer need to take your car out to go through the pantry of the month, you even no longer even have to walk more than three blocks to go to the gym.

How is this possible?

With the arrival of the so-called mixed-use projects, a concept that combines different land uses within the same community, that is, where residential areas coexist with commercial areas and offices, even with hotels or cultural projects such as museums, galleries. and small rooms or auditoriums.

Mixed-use projects, a trend for the future

Currently, large-scale projects cannot be considered without considering commercial spaces that meet the needs of the inhabitants.

Otherwise, the house and the environment would be inefficient.

It is for this reason that mixed-use projects began to be created, which integrate homes, offices, shopping centers and all the services that a person requires in the same place.

The combinations of services and housing may vary according to the project, always taking into account the needs of the individuals.

The most common forms of mixed-use projects are:

  • Structures that bring together shopping centers, workplaces, usually offices, and apartment buildings
  • Offices with convenience areas or commercial zones
  • Department building with retail areas on the ground floor
  • Residential complex with commercial and service areas
  • Hotel with commercial areas or with restaurants operated by prestigious brands
  • Hospital with shopping area and restaurant operated by prestigious brands
  • Industrial zone with commercial areas
  • Universities with commercial areas and cafeterias operated by prestigious brands.

Although the real estate concept appears to be new, in reality it has been part of our city since the beginning of this century, however, it has become relevant among the new generations, basically the millennials, who seek to work and live in the same area.

Mixed-use projects have had a great boost due to the rising cost of land in the country’s large cities (CDMX, Guadalajara and Monterrey), as well as the urgent need for less urban mobility to reduce environmental problems.

In its March 2016 report, the financial and professional services company JLL, recorded that for the construction this year of 19 buildings it needed 361,017 square meters, of which only 262,869 square meters were available.

The area with the highest demand is Bosques de las Lomas with 36%, followed by Reforma with 21%, where the main problem is the lack of land large enough to make efficient plants.

How are mixed-use projects formed?

Depending on the format of the project, it can be a single high-rise structure with services at its different levels.

For example, commercial premises may be located at ground level and offices above.

The highest floors are for homes.

In this way, the inhabitant only has to take an elevator to go from his home, to the supermarket and to the gym.

Another format is that of two or more high-rise structures in a single site.

Each building is for different use. Usually, the main building is offices and the other is a hotel or private home.

Among the benefits of a mixed-use project are eliminating long journeys from one point to another, saving time and energy during transport, promoting the coexistence of a community without the use of the car and the preservation of existing green areas.

The more concepts, the higher profitability

The mixed-use format allows developers to get even more bang for their buck.

The method consists of exploiting the potential of the land by building upwards in order to develop complementary products.

A corporate building, for example, has use from Monday to Friday and during office hours, but outside of that time it becomes unproductive by completely stopping its activity.

This is where mixed-use makes sense.

By combining those offices with a shopping or entertainment center, business hours will be expanded, making facilities more productive.

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The key to ensuring the success of the building and promoting its profitability is to maintain the independence of each of the uses.

You must have separate entrances and a fairly clear delineation for both parking lots and common areas.

An option to live

Buying an apartment in this type of complex is more profitable than buying it in a residential area mainly due to its location.

One of the representative complexes of this housing model is Plaza Carso, which functions as a shopping center, business center, and residential area with a gym, indoor pool, multipurpose room and games for children.

If what you are looking for is to have a better lifestyle, a mixed property is for you.

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