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Millennials increasingly interested in purchasing homes

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Did you know that … around 60% of millennials are interested in acquiring a mortgage loan? According to data from Real Estate, this generation cares more and more about the acquisition of their own home and is willing to have a mortgage loan.

Although, due to their working conditions, most of them as freelancers, do not allow them to access one. This factor is because traditional banking does not accept other forms of income verification.

In this article we will explain 3 interests that millennials have when buying a home, mentioning their advantages in each of them.

What do they fix their interests on?


The millennial generation is one that involves young people between 25 and 35 years of age, it is believed that by 2026 this population will represent 75% of the economically active population, according to data from La Silla Rota.

According to this projection, this generation due to its economic income has generated a demand in the real estate sector.

Their interests, like yours or ours, are varied and different, since they are a generation characterized by the plurality of its members.

However, there are interests that are shared, we will explain what each of them consists of and why this generation focuses on these aspects.

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1. Eco technologies


The first factor in which a millennial is in his real estate search is the technological component.

Let’s think a little more about this aspect: today, young people, members of this generation, base their communication on the use of their mobile devices, this implies that their main form of communication is digital.

Therefore, they seek that your home or home is within the reach of these types of characteristics that the world of the real estate market can offer. But specifically, what aspects of the tech realm are millennials looking for in real estate?

Well, on the one hand, they are interested in digital platforms in which they can interact in order to see the home of interest from the use of this type of tool; instead, on the other hand, they are looking for a way to unite the advantages of eco-technologies.

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Ecotechnologies are homes that use the resources of both the earth and the Sun to transform them into forms of energy for daily use. In addition, they save resources such as water, gas, electricity, among the most prominent.

The material used for its construction is organic in nature, among which stand out are: wood, recycled concrete, bamboo, bricks and glass.

These types of spaces are designed to take advantage of the different types of natural resources, of which you can have at your fingertips, thanks to their specific architectural design.

2. Mortgage loans


You see, millennials, because of their age, want to be independent because they begin to take responsibility for their lives, in a broad sense.

Therefore, there is concern about finding a home in a flexible way and that, in addition, it adapts to your needs and economic resources.

With ION Financiera you can get a mortgage loan and pay it between several people. The coacreditación is a modality with which we have, so you can have a loan and not pay you alone.

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With ION Financiera, there is no limit to the number of individuals who can add their income to pay the credit together.

Previously, we told you that most millennials work through the freelance modality, for that reason, getting a mortgage loan that adapts to these needs is difficult, but not impossible.

At ION Financiera it will also be possible to check income in a much more accessible way than any other institution.

It is believed that by 2020 millennials represent 50% of the workforce, most of them are hired under non-fixed hiring schemes, that is, as freelancers.

For this reason, the verification of income for this sector is difficult in terms of traditional banking, since it does not admit other forms of income validation.

ION Financiera opens various income verification opportunities, which can be through the presentation of work logs, invoices, presenting the tax registration, deposit receipts from account statements or through the analysis of a socioeconomic study.

Do you see how simple it is?

3. Vertical housing


The third point that millennials are concentrating on is the type of vertical housing. Vertical homes are one of the most requested modalities to buy a home in this generation, however, sometimes, there is not the immediate money to be able to pay the down payment on a mortgage loan, but there are other options.

One of them is programmed savings, better known as self-financing, which are also an excellent option for those who want to get hold of a good but do not have immediate money.

Similarly, vertical housing turns out to be an excellent option for those who are interested in a home located in a central area, part of what the current market is looking for according to information from Immobiliare .

Although, the benefits of a vertical home are many and are not only limited to a question of location, but also of space.

In the area of ​​space, according to information from El Universal, young people of this generation want small spaces that allow them to meet their basic needs such as a kitchen, a room or a place to sleep or a space with internet access.

According to the director of the Mercado Libre division, Inés Prieto, through information from the cited source, indicated that the space does not turn out to be a point of interest within the acquisition of a home, because what really interests her is a “good technological connection ”.

In addition to representing a form of cost reduction in that the maintenance fees can be divided among all the tenants of the building and access to the possibility of additional services.

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Remember that, before choosing a house, it is essential that you choose a form of financing that suits your income and interests. With ION Financiera it is possible. Request your co-accreditation!


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