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Make your first resolution of the year a home of your own!

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December is one of those periods in which you can breathe an atmosphere different from the rest of the other months of the year; In addition to the cold weather, decorations, banquets and gathering with family members, during the last days of the year, it is also a time when we can reflect on our future and that of our family.

When we think about it, one of the things that come to mind the fastest is the well-being and happiness of our people, because who among us would not like to see their family enjoying peace and prosperity?

Hand in hand with this question, we can think about how to ensure that my family can be peaceful and prosperous?

The answer to this question is as simple as it is forceful: it is a home of your own, because, in addition to avoiding the constant payment and waste of money on rent, it can provide many other benefits. In this article, we give you a shortlist of why it is advisable for us to consider a home of our own as our first New Year’s resolution.

1. The best investment for you and your family


Own real estate is one of the best investments that can be made for the welfare of our family because by acquiring one, we are giving genuine value to the money we have invested in it.

Just as a savings account can give us returns over a defined period of time, acquiring a home makes the money we put into it, in fact, can give us more returns, both financial and stable, these are:

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1.1 Strengthens our credit history


One of the great advantages of acquiring a home of our own is precisely the fact that this investment will make the credit history that we could have managed become much stronger, opening up the possibilities to acquire anything we need under credit.

Buying your own home is a formidable letter of recommendation.

1.2 The capital gain of the site is a great investment


Depending on the place where our new home is located, the capital gain of the site can rise and with it, make our house, which could have cost us 1 million pesos, now cost 1.75 million pesos, for example

2. Total stability for you and your family


We can come to believe that the stability of the family can only be based on the fact that it lacks nothing, although sustenance is a very important part, it is not everything when seeking total stability; owning a home will help us understand it better. Let’s see in what ways this can be possible:

2.1 A place that is truly our home!


At last, we are going to have a roof that is truly ours and in which we can feel calm, be satisfied after a day of work, unlike the days in which we may have been afraid that our rental contract will be canceled.

2.2 A quieter life for children


How? Well, let’s think about when we should rent a house, eventually, it happens that for one reason or another the rental contract is not renewed and with it we have to move.

In the best of cases, it can be in the same neighborhood, however, the move can take us to places which we never imagined, as well as costs that were not foreseen.

The forced change of residence and environment can generate a feeling of uncertainty in the family, which can be the trigger for tension and friction between its members; That is not to mention the stress in the boys at the time of the move because with it there is a change of school, with new classmates and teachers.

3. Own home: the perfect canvas for the family


When we make the payment of the rent of a house, one of the great limitations that we face is that of adapting to the guidelines of the place where we are going or residing, and which, by means of the contract, we are forced to comply.

However, by having our own heritage we can make this space more welcoming, making it conform to our needs and not us to the property, here are two examples:

3.1 We can improve housing


It may be that more members of the family arrive or their needs change and it is necessary to make modifications in the house, such as creating a new room, and even installing a small garden, or a small swimming pool. Which we could not do in a rental house, but in our home.

In addition to this, the experience of being able to remodel the house, as well as making decorations can help to strengthen ties with the family, giving us a greater feeling of belonging and with it, satisfaction.

3.2 Pets are welcome!


Normally, the owners of many rental houses do not allow pets to live, because of this, many families have had to say goodbye to their faithful companion animals, many times forever.

However, when we have our own house and if we have the means to do so, we can house as many pets as we want.

Let’s not doubt, that our first resolution of the year is our new home!


Fulfilling our purposes as well as acquiring a home has become a challenge for families in recent years, owning a home is one of the goals that many of us have already thought about, and what better way to make this project come true than starting the new year with it.

Let’s not leave it just as one more project and let’s get going to meet this goal and celebrate the acquisition of a house that is exclusively ours in the company of our family.

ION Financiera has a wide variety of loans, which adapt to your way of generating income and with terms that fit your home purchase project.

In addition, flexibility is reflected in the personalized attention by an advisor who will evaluate our case, unlike other financial companies that are based on scores.

With the ION prequalifier, it’s just a matter of answering a few questions to begin our evaluation and get our new home.

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