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How to gain the lead’s trust and build authority in the sale?

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When we talk about consultative selling, it’s impossible not to stress the importance of trust and authority. That’s why I want to talk a little about these two (very important) points in sales.

Before talking about it, I wanted to take a step back. Do you see authority in someone you don’t trust? I do not think so.

Think about our current political scenario, regardless of the curriculum or experiences of our representatives, it is impossible to see them as an authority, since we do not trust them.

Coming back to the consultative selling world, we need to understand the need to establish a trusting relationship with your prospect to generate the authority needed to close the deal.

If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

Think with me, the more authority you have with a prospect, the more confidence he will have in you. And the more trust, the more he will see authority.

We could say that it is a continuous and virtuous cycle. But for this cycle to begin, you need to be confident. If not, nothing happens.

People buy people. People don’t buy services or products.

Nothing better than starting this journey by passing on confidence to the person who needs to solve a problem within the company or even a personal issue.

Do your leads trust you deeply?

Just think: of the deals won that you have throughout your sales experience, which ones told you that they were evaluating solutions from other companies similar to yours?

Now think the opposite: Did the deals you lost reveal this information?

What I want to emphasize is how much these two factors, authority and trust, go together. That could be the difference between top performers and average salespeople.

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So, today I’m going to give you some tips that I apply in my day-to-day as a closer on how to give me the confidence to win those deals.

Tip #1: Create a complete rapport

We talk a lot about the importance of generating rapport in a sale after selling any plot in Blue World City because it humanizes that conversation and makes it more fluid.

There’s nothing more human than showing that you’re not just talking about your product, but that you’re talking to that specific person about the problems they have and how to solve them.

Showing that you have done a previous study on the person and that you are interested in some specific point of their trajectory shows how much you care about their scenario.

Personalization is the key to a sale, that’s what really creates value. This will bring your lead closer to you, making them trust you more and identify more and more with your solution.

Showing that you care, in addition to personalizing and humanizing that conversation to the fullest, builds trust that will make your entire process deeper and more consultative.

Tip #2: Chat in the same language as the lead

Getting a hook on the last tip recommend by the sales team of Capital Smart City Islamabad is an essential part of rapport.

Talk to your lead in the same language as him. Understand the terms he uses in his daily life and include them in his vocabulary during conversations.

Don’t use technical or cute terms from your market if your lead doesn’t use them or doesn’t know them. It just makes him distance himself from you.

Understand the way he talks and align with that.

Look at the way your lead speaks and, if you already know some terms in his market, don’t hesitate to use them.

In addition to talking using the terms he uses, it is very important that you also mirror yourself in the speed and tone with which he speaks.

The speech rate demonstrates the lead’s mental state and the way he thinks. Mirror yourself in that and create that identification.

Of course, if he sounds downcast or sleepy, you won’t look up to that. Try to raise the tone of the conversation, but nothing too brusque.

Tip #3: Have a firm, lively tone and convey authority

Think to myself: when we go to the doctor, does he stutter? Does he make you think he’s been studying that subject for a short time? Does he show firmness in past diagnoses?

Why be different with your lead?

Show that you know what you’re talking about, show that you know all the nuances of that subject or that market.

Talk intelligently about the topics discussed, respect your prospect’s opinion, even if it is wrong. Know how to argue clearly and rationally.

This gives him the authority he needs to trust you as a consultant. It all starts with the way you speak, with the tone of your voice.

In addition to being firm, show yourself interested and excited. If you’re not enthusiastic about that conversation, why should he?

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Tip #4: Listen

This topic is essential for talking about personhood in conversation. Do you enjoy talking to a person who doesn’t seem to pay attention to you or what you say?

Most less experienced salespeople are much more concerned with what they’re going to ask in the next line than actually listening to what the leader has to say in the meantime.

Talking about the topic your lead just talked about and delving into that is essential. This will make that conversation miss the idea of ​​a script full of sales methodologies.

This is all trained to do, be different.

Don’t make radical topic exchanges, don’t follow a script, and don’t obviously demonstrate that you’re running a SPIN or GPCT.

Wait for the lead to respond and react to those responses.

Show that you run that meeting much more customer-centric than you-centered. Customization, humanization… I think I’ve already talked a little about it here (lol).

Tip #5: Care and empathize

This tip has a lot to do with the previous one. So what’s the difference?

Do you like talking to someone who, however much they seem to listen, doesn’t seem to care? Care about your lead’s challenges and empathize with your problems.

He hasn’t stopped his day because everything is perfect and he wants to tell you how round his process is. He stopped the day to talk to you because he wants to get better.

Everyone talks about the importance of pain in making a sale happen. Your lead is no different, he knows this is what you are looking for.

Show that you are there to try to help with that problem, before trying to sell your solution in the end.

Put yourself in that person’s shoes. This tip is a little subjective, but essential to convey confidence in that conversation.

The trust conveyed is not the same for everyone. Each lead approaches their problems differently because only they know where the consequences of that hurt.

So when you show your solution, he will want to listen with all his ear and will want to trust your full authority for the sale.

Tip #6: Show Experience

Talk about your past, whether other projects, cases or even experiences in other companies. This shows that this is not the first time you are dealing with a case similar to this lead.

This helps to demonstrate how expert you are on that subject.

By telling past experiences, you can bring storytelling that helps in gaining your lead’s attention and trust.

When we’re in a sales process, we always have to try to make it sound more like a conversation than a diagnosis or business proposal.

Do you like to chat with someone who only asks questions?

Apply this to your business conversations.

Show that you are also a human being on the other side, more than just a salesperson who is representing a company, who has goals to meet.

By telling about your experiences, you show much more that you like what you do and that you don’t just want to line your pocket, like what everyone thinks about salespeople.

Tip #7: Use content to your advantage

Content marketing is a strategy that is at the center of attention in the digital marketing market.

There is a lot of talk about this strategy for acquiring visitors and generating leads for the marketing funnel, but I want to emphasize the importance of using this content in sales.

Indicate specific content on some topics of your conversation with the lead, complement your speeches with your company’s own rich material.

In addition to the content, you already produce internally, send content from other blogs, from other companies, or even from other countries.

This also applies to companies that don’t have content marketing strategies. It’s not a problem if you upload some content that isn’t yours.

Show that you study, show that you have the know-how, that you have authority and knowledge in what you are talking about.

Oh, but don’t forget: always prioritize your own content so the lead sees that your company is the authority on the subject.

Tip #8: Be Vulnerable

A lot of what I’m talking about today is about humanizing a sales approach, and this topic will be no different.

When you’re in a meeting, tell the lead about your difficulties, about your goals, about your daily life.

Tell them that that sale will be the last one needed for your promotion, tell them how your performance was in the last few months, tell them how boring it is to ask your manager for a discount (lol).

But of course, if you’re open to it.

Show that you’re not the stereotype of a salesperson who takes big commissions and, in the end, doesn’t care about your projects and partners.

We are salespeople because we like it, just like any other profession.

If your prospect has already shared so much, why wouldn’t you do the same? Humanize the conversation, show how much you are like him.

This will bring much closer proximity, much greater trust.

If you have the courage to share your weaknesses, it’s because you are really strong.

#bonus tip: be yourself

For all threads commented on, nothing works if you don’t do it your own way.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, don’t look for the best salesperson on your team and replicate what he’s doing. Do everything your way!

If you appear forced at any point during the sale, you will demonstrate deceit, which is the opposite of trust and authority.

Be yourself! Apply all of this knowledge, and many others you read or listen to, in your own way. Fits your profile and your personality.

This attitude requires experience, but with each passing day, you will be able to apply it in a more fluid and healthy way.


We are often insecure when we have to apply new techniques or knowledge in our process.

A practice that always helps is putting yourself in the shoes of someone on the other end of the line, or at the table:

What treatment would you like to receive?

I always ask myself this before a call, or before sending an email, and I always fall into the topics of humanization and personalization of the approach.

That’s what would make me trust someone and see the authority needed to choose a solution and a partner.

Lastly, remember: people buy from people.

Share with me if you liked the topics, if it was applicable to your daily life and if there are any other tips that I haven’t highlighted in this article 🙂


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