Houses in Querétaro: the best areas to buy one

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If you need to get out of the stress of the city and the crowds, you will surely not be disappointed in reconsidering moving to a new state or buying a second property elsewhere.

An option that you cannot ignore is Querétaro because over the years the state has grown in economic potential, real estate development and modernity.

If you live in the CDMX, something that will make you consider Querétaro as a potential option to acquire a house is the proximity it has with the capital, among many other factors that we will break down point by point in this article.

In addition, according to INMO100, the capital gains of the homes in this place have increased year after year. Only in 2018, it had an increase of 11%. With all this, you will have the assurance that there are areas with a quality of life that can perfectly match what you are looking for.

It should be mentioned that according to Infonavit, 30% of the mortgage loans that have been requested by users of CDMX, Monterrey, Coahuila and other states; They have been requested to acquire either a house or an apartment in what is now called Ciudad del Aqueduct.

For all these reasons, here is a list of the best areas to live in Querétaro. A place that, fortunately, also comes under the coverage of ION Financiera’s mortgage loans.

1.- Historic Center.


One of the most prominent and historically significant areas is undoubtedly the city center, as it continues to preserve all its buildings in a colonial style.

The best thing is mobility in this area, since it has enviable accessibility. Even to get to certain points you will not have to use public transport or car, since you can get around on foot or by bicycle.

In this part of the city there is always something to do, you can find a good number of restaurants, museums, shops, gardens and many more places of interest. An ideal place if you like to go out to explore the environment.

The houses or apartments that you can find have prices ranging from $ 5 to $ 17 million.

2.- Loma Dorada.


This area is one of the most popular according to the words of Medium Corporation since it is characterized by leading to the most important roads in the city. Among them are Los Arcos, Zaragoza, Carretera México-Querétaro and Bernardo Quintana; this puts many recreational venues only 5 minutes away.

The properties found in the district have an average price ranging from $ 2.5 to $ 20 million pesos. ION Financiera offers you a loan of up to $ 10 million, so you could choose a home with good dimensions, which can be considered luxurious.

3.- El Campanario Residencial & Golf.

art-03-El-Campanario-Residencial -_- Golf

This residential area offers you lots from 700 to 1250 m2, parks, golf course, commercial area, 24 hour security, among some other benefits. In the same way, their residences are quite attractive and spacious, giving options to build jacuzzis, swimming pools, game rooms and more spaces within them.

Similarly, you will have at your disposal some nearby roads such as Bernardo Quintana and access to educational institutions and shops. Which are only a 5-minute transfer; a pretty good option if traffic is not something you like.

You can find your residence from $ 16 to $ 28 million pesos.

4.- Balvanera Polo & Country Club.

art-04-Balvanera-Polo -_- Country-Club

What distinguishes this area with exclusive residences are outdoor sports, since it has a golf club, soccer fields, polo fields, stables, clubhouse, riding school and other activities that more than one user they will be of total pleasure to him.

A few kilometers from this area, you can find large shopping centers, with restaurants, prestigious stores, cinemas, hotels and schools. Obviously, these lead to large roads such as the Mexico-Querétaro highway.

Prices have an average of between $ 6 and $ 16 million pesos, this will depend on the size of each one.

Something that makes it a great place to live is that tranquility will be present at all times, since the location of the place is at the exit to Celaya.

5.- Juriquilla Towers.


This is an area located in the northern part of the city, which is on the exit to San Luis Potosí. It is made up of two huge buildings, where we can find different types of apartments, all with a luxurious design and an environment where family is the most important thing.

The availability of the spaces in this place is quoted, hence the majority of the real estate offers in the area are concentrated in the rent of places.

There is no specific price, since depending on the size and services that each space has, it is how the cost of the property is defined. However, the prices are between $ 6 and $ 8 million pesos.

It should be added that each of the buildings and their entrances have 24-hour security service, so your well-being and that of your loved ones will always be insured.

The place that could be your best alternative.


Now that you know some of the places with the best houses and apartments in Querétaro, we can appreciate that it is truly a quiet place, with a conjunction between the modern and the colonial that, also has the ideal real estate development to think about acquiring a property .

At ION Financiera we offer you the facilities so that your goal of getting the home of your choice is not far from your possibilities. We will give you a quick response, personalized attention and best of all, you just have to prove to us that you will be able to comply with your payments in a constant and secure way.

We can carry out your plan with a term of up to 20 years, which is why we are one of the best alternatives you can find. Don’t wait any longer and move to one of the best states in the country.

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