Financing for a house or apartment: acquire it with security and confidence

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You are in the best moment of your career, you have prepared yourself and you begin to see the fruits of the development of your potential: it is the beginning of many experiences that will make you think about the importance of having your own house or apartment and starting the lifestyle what do you want.

Can you imagine having trendy or cultural places nearby, shopping centers, parks to walk your pet and meet more people?

Or if you are more relaxed, emblematic places of the city where you live.

Being in a pleasant environment is clearly reflected on you.

According to Leonardo González Tejeda, real estate analyst at, today is a good time to invest in the mortgage sector for two reasons:

  1. To create a heritage.
  2. To buy a house or an apartment and stop renting.


Obtaining mortgage loans can seem a complex task, due to the myths that surround them: since the bank is the only option, that if they give you financing, you will find yourself in black with your budget and thus a long list of inaccuracies.

The Multiple Purpose Financial Companies (Sofomes) that are regulated are a new and reliable option; its objective is the habitual and professional execution of credit granting, financial leasing or financial factoring, in accordance with the National Banking and Securities Commission.

The Sofomes in the country constitute 5.6 percent of the credit market, according to the Asociación de Sociedades Financieras de Objeto Múltiple en México, AC and they have strengthened in a representative manner.

A practical and effective solution

ION Financiera is a mortgage SOFOM that serves sectors that traditional banking does not, therefore, we have developed mortgage loans, taking into account your lifestyle, work and income.

Not being able to prove income is not an obstacle for you to obtain financing.

At ION Financiera we offer alternatives for you, if you are an independent professional, merchant or if you are not affiliated with any mortgage institution such as Infonavit or Fovissste.

The search for housing has changed as well as the means to find it, so ION launched digital options so that you can prequalify online and in less than five minutes you know if your credit could be authorized.

Are you ready to ask for your financing? Take the first step here and pre-qualify.

Your financing: safe and reliable

At ION Financiera, the consultancies we offer are fast and personalized, we communicate with you to tell you all the details you need to know and, if you need it, schedule an appointment, since our consultancy is personalized: we go to your business or to your place of employment if you require it.

Through a personalized review of your income, your history, and your expenses, your ability to pay is confirmed. It’s that simple!

If, for example, if you are interested in buying a house from a real estate agency but you do not have how to prove your income because you are not on payroll or being an independent worker, do not worry, come to ION and we will verify documents that help you qualify.

You can also go to our offices and carry out a timely interview: it is important to give yourself adequate time to resolve your doubts and offer you the alternative that allows you to access financing that is consistent with your lifestyle.

We keep in touch from the first moment, either by e-mail, calls and WhatsApp and above all, the attention is from person to person.

Because we believe in you, an analysis of your budget is carried out, if you are an entrepreneur and have employees, for example, how much do you pay them, how much do you have left, the numbers help us to predict the amount of financing.

The procedures you carry out are serious, practical and efficient: for us it is important that you can feel safe in your new home as quickly as possible.

The average authorization ranges from three weeks to a month, depending on the case, since there is a methodology to evaluate each person based on their economic activity, as well as a portfolio of products for each client.

It is also important that you know that ION is inclusive so if you cannot verify income in the traditional way but you have the solvency to pay your mortgage loan, surely there is nothing that in your case can prevent you from being granted the credit you need.

An example of this may be that a person has the ability to pay for a loan, however, there is no way to verify it because their money is in cash.

If you sell a product and you do not have a bank account, your case is evaluated to provide you with the financing you need and thus solve your needs.

What else do you need?

  • Review of status in the Credit Bureau.
  • Solvency evaluation for monthly credit payment.
  • Have between 10 or 40 percent of the value of the property you wish to acquire.

Also, consider the amount of the notarial expenses at the beginning of obtaining your credit and the commission to open it.

Meanwhile, you have already seen what house or apartment you want and you will have the information about the price or the estimate of the property you want to acquire.

The important thing is that you decide what you want, house or apartment, where and its cost; We have different terms to pay the credit: from 5, 10, 15 and up to 20 years, also taking into account that you do not exceed 75 years of age by the time you finish it.

We are very close to you

  • CDMX
  • Mexico state
  • Queretaro
  • Puebla
  • gentleman
  • Guanajuato
  • Jalisco

A large number of credit options

Credit is not only offered to people, but also to businesses and companies, with schemes that also make it easier for them to verify income.

We already talked about mortgage credit, which allows you to acquire a new or used house or apartment, with a financing scheme that suits your needs.

If you have Infonavit, you can obtain a co-financing: adding both amounts will have a greater credit to buy your new or used home; On the other hand, with Fovissste you have up to four credit options: Traditional, Pension, Spousal, Alia2 Plus and Respalda2.

From the moment your financing is authorized and you sign the deeds, you have become the owner of your space.

The time period for you to sign them is a couple of days; The advice does not end there: a lawyer will explain clause by clause to clarify doubts.

And do not worry if an unforeseen event occurs that makes it difficult for you to make your payment, we at ION Financiera will always support you to solve it: we are your mortgage solution and our service will always be person to person.

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