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5 real estate platforms to buy a house

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Buying real estate can be related to a series of phases that take a considerable amount of time and effort. The process from selection to making the last payment can actually take years.

To this, we must add the risk it entails, since it can fall into the hands of scammers and people who, not being governed by an official body, can make fraud or put houses for sale with irregularities.

For this reason, it is common that we are in constant search of tools that facilitate the arduous work of locating a home and being able to carry out the procedures to acquire it in the fastest and safest way.

For our good, we live in times where technology weighs and smartphones have become a tool that we cannot do without, the search for the ideal home is, fortunately, much easier.

Currently, there are all kinds of applications and those related to the real estate sector are no exception. There are Apps that specialize in the sale of cars, clothing brands, video games and yes, also houses; Therefore, in this article, we will mention 5 apps and tools with which you can buy a house or start a process to acquire one.

Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Era

1. RE / MAX


One of the applications that stand out for its friendly interface is RE / MAX in which both buyers and sellers can make the announcement of their residence, and you can even attach as many photographs as you wish.

RE / MAX can be very useful for all those who are not very used to using applications or smartphones themselves, due to the simplicity of its interface and that appointments can be made in the application to visit the property offered.

This application is available in both the Google Store and the App Store, so both Apple users and users of computers with Android operating systems can download it without any major problem.

2. Real estate24


This application is one of those that remain at the forefront and makes use of a great search engine, since, in addition to having a friendly interface in the Real Estate application, a large influx of sellers and buyers of real estate converge.

The site links to an estimated 60 thousand sellers, made up of real estate agents and individuals who offer their homes in a network that allows you to mark areas as favorites, save these favorites and make appointments for the inspection of the home you choose.

In addition to the sale of real estate, Inmuebles24 also offers the rental of offices, apartments and land to carry out the construction of a house, which makes it a great option to buy a home.

As RE / MAX, this application is available for Android and IOS.



TERRA is a real estate buying and selling application that operates in Latin America and Mexico, one of its main characteristics is that, like Inmuebles24, they have very wide coverage, collecting offers from real estate agents and private sellers.

TERRA also offers the service of assigning a head advisor, who can give advice on the process of buying the property regardless of the real estate in which the purchase is made.

As if that were not enough, TERRA also offers to carry out the sale of any address, guaranteeing that within 90 days it will have been sold. These characteristics position it as one of the most popular applications in the field of housing.

It is also available for Android and IOS.

Chakri’s real estate gang wars

4. LuxuryEstate – Luxury homes


An application that in its data exclusively pours offers of villas, residential and residential plus for people with high economic solvency; Despite the fact that the app offers from around the world, the application also adds the offer of homes of this type in the most exclusive areas of CDMX.

According to the information offered by the same LuxuryEstate – Luxury houses, there are a total of 500 thousand homes on offer and it also has the possibility to change the language in more than 14 different ones and to carry out currency conversions.

This app is aimed at an international audience, however, it does not neglect homes that are found throughout the country. The application is available for Android and IOS.

5. Trovit

Trovit is a platform on which the offers of a huge variety of sellers of real estate, and even cars, converge. It is more than an application for buying and selling real estate, a search engine for ads and offers, so in this app you cannot offer your house for sale.

Because it is an ad search engine and only collects them, it is necessary to directly access the source website from where the ad is displayed; For this, Trovit offers in the same advertisement that was collected, the hyperlink to the site where the offer is made.

Despite being the application that in appearance is the simplest, it is in fact one of the most popular and in which the options can be as varied as interesting, the limitations of this application are actually few.

Search done, purchase made, ION financial is your best option


In the previous points, a great variety of apps could be observed, in which the offers of home are enough, almost uncountable and with a very varied offer, which adapts to all types of buyers.

From apartments to residential plus, through offices and houses in different parts of the CDMX and other states of the country, these useful tools can help you choose a home safely and comfortably.

Once the choice is made, ION Financiera offers a variety of mortgage loans, which are adapted to each person and do not require more than an appointment with an advisor to start the process, making the goal of acquiring a home, possible without so many complications.

We can actually rely on the ION prequalifier, which will be of great help to us in taking this important step.


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